Civil Air Patrol
ARCHER Training

Welcome to the ARCHER online training course. CAP's ARCHER program has the intense interest of the highest levels of the US Government. Because of this it is critical that we select our very best people to train and operate the system.


The online training course is open to everyone but only adult members, who are US Citizens, will be able to attend the five day formal training course that is given by National Headquarters. Formal training candidates must first successfully complete the online ARCHER training screening course and exam. Those members successfully completing the screening exam will then be considered as candidates to attend ARCHER training. Wing and Region Commanders will use the results of the screening exam to nominate CAP members for ARCHER training. In addition to test scores, Wing and Region Commanders will consider a CAP member's dedication/commitment to the organization and past history of availability to perform missions. The Advanced Technology Group will use the Wing/Region Commander nominations and make final selections based on test scores, aptitude assessment, and geographical basing of the ARCHER systems.


It is important to note that only those members who receive formal ARCHER training and successfully complete the course will be certified to operate ARCHER. ARCHER training is an intensive five day course which will be conducted at Maxwell AFB, AL. Members selected to attend ARCHER training will have travel, hotel and other expenses paid by CAP. Thank you for your interest in the ARCHER program!

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